Guarding the house at 10 mistakes you should avoid

Do not write on Facebook that you will not be home during the holidays, do not forget to leave a light and in no way do not hide the key in the entrance. Professionals with tips for safe without breaking


Hosted holidays with family and friends? Flying abroad? Do not fall trivia. Do not tell everyone that the house is empty, do not hide the entrance to the key, and short to actually call a thief to break into your house. Get the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Tell all your friends on Facebook that you are on vacation

It features a tweet on Twitter, photo tagging, tagging your in another country or any other status that can indicate that you are on vacation.

“Burglars are assisted by professional social networks to find out which homes will be available and appropriate for a break,” says Steve from dc locksmith. “Therefore, you should take that into consideration and keep a low profile”


In addition, you should avoid updating of the professionals who are in constant contact with you and you get to (cleaner, assistant house, gardener, etc.) and to refrain from reporting at the grocery store or the neighborhood greengrocer on your departure.


Order a taxi driver to the exact address of your house.

True, today’s technological age a little more complex task, but try anyway to move further away from your house and invite the taxi to the end of the street.


Why? Because you never know who is the taxi driver that takes you and who is he updating of you being on vacation. Take a taxi to the airport? The driver knows you are on a family holiday. Passengers stay with relatives at a family? The house vacant for a few hours or a few days. Therefore, avoid unnecessary information.


Hide a key in the entrance.

Steve: “One of the most common mistakes is to leave the key at the entrance to the house, usually in the fuse box, under the carpet or in one of the pots. We reach many homes compromised by the fact that the intruder had found the key. It is the easiest breakthrough out there and you better be avoided”.


Leave the balcony open

“Many burglaries occur through the utility room,” says Steve. “This is an area that is more accessible, and there is nowhere to fall in, it’s not like a normal window, it is much easier to break. So you should lock it with a dead bolt window”.


Not leaving even a bare light bulb at home and close the shutters hermetically

“It is advisable to leave at least one bulb lit home and close the shutters hermetically too, but only in part,” says Mark locksmith in dc. “The glass on the other hand want to lock hermetically if there is a deadbolt which should lock it well. It indicates the outside that there are people at home.


If the house is a private home. Also, be sure to leave a key with someone close to him to come every now and then to change his habits and use of light. If burglars follow the house and see this change could cause them to suspect that someone in the house. ”


How do you know which room to shine? Mark: “We should highlight the large space as the living room or any room toward the front of the house stands out in the street. It is important light on look from the street and not be published until a rear room”.


Unsubscribing to newspapers and leave the mail overflow

Burglars do not need more than a pile of papers and a mailbox overflowing. Mark: “You should ask the neighbor or someone close to you to collect your mail and newspapers piling up, or ask for a newspaper subscription freeze for the duration of your holiday.”


Not taking care of the most sensitive points in the House

Mark “Most private home burglaries occur through the rear windows. So the most important thing is to fortify precisely these areas. It is a mistake to take care of the door and secure the best quality and do not leave your windows are protected.”


So before you rush to buy cameras, alarms, and protect all the advanced technologies made sure the house windows are Lock. Mark “Locking the windows adds another 6-5 minutes to the burglaries it is a lot of time for breaks, then he should smash the windows and risk noise sound or he will just goes to break into another house.”


In condominiums, however, the break usually done through the front door. Therefore, it is important for better protection of the door.

Mark: “It is important to replace cylinder if there is a new apartment the previous tenants developer and real estate agent. The wisest thing is to install a Mul-T-Lock that by itself adds another three minutes and significantly inhibits the intruder and often prevents him from trying to break in.”


At the Locksmith service center of the pros say Steve: “Today there is no regulation in this area and therefore doubly important order from the reliable operation locksmith continuous quality control for professionals at its disposal. Before ordering a locksmith read reviews of previous customers and peered price list to make sure it is professional and reliable.”

Not checking the integrity of the alarm system

Steve: “Even if there is an advanced alarm system at home is important to turn it on before leaving the house and check the proper functioning. It is important to check the transformers connected to the rack of alarm”. In addition, if for a long time have not been replaced batteries, you should